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December 7, 2018


           My relationship with rugby is a long one. I always loved this sport, but from far away. Never had the opportunity to be on the field and hear that “scrum” sound directly from the level of the grass. And what a feeling it is. I can only imagine how the 16 years old William Webb Ellis back in 1883 felt, when “with a fine disregard for the rules of football…first took the ball in his arms and ran with it, thus originating the distinctive feature of the rugby game.”

            Today this sport is much more. Starting as a riot of a young man, now I witnessed directly on the court, the most civilized players. Even from the moment I put my foot on the pitch, something felt different. Maybe it was the extraordinary people that were there, photo journalists with great experience that made me feel as their own, or maybe the fact that when the players started warming up, passing by the point my camp was settled, they all said “hello”.

Our boys sing the national anthem. Great!
Precision passes.
Acrobats take 2.
Good game play.

           I will not bore you with the development of the game, as it is not important how Romania lead the game for almost 79 minutes and lost in the very last seconds, but I will tell you this. Rugby is life. It starts with someone else throwing the coin to decide who will kick off first and continues with all the tackles and scrums and long runs to aim for a try. And not to forget, we do this with an oval ball.

...Not the head, again.
No way you pass me...
Try Romania. Great job.

My favorite picture.

Good game play.

Dreams can come true.

My gear in the grass.

My favorite picture.

Special fans.

My favorite picture.

Special fans, take 2.

Photo: Vlad Suheschi@vlad_suheschi

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Text: Andrei Toader @thenaturalresource

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